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Buy what you need,
Get what you want!

Buy and sell in an exclusive network of business owners and entrepreneurs by using virtual currency which is all managed electronically.

Buy and sell in a new marketplace.

An online marketplace to make connecting with other businesses quick and easy. Sell what you have online and shop for what you need. One World Barter works for what you’re selling!


auto · construction · health · printing · professional


restaurants · fitness · hotels · entertainment


retail · media

An exclusive currency

The Trade Dollar is a simple and safe currency used to buy and sell with other businesses in the network. Gain added revenue to supplant your cash expenses and grow your business.

Travel on trade

Travel farther and spend less by booking with One World Barter. Use your Trade Dollars to book hotels, cruises, and much more!

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“Personalized service.. They take the time to know what you like and need. The brokers contact you when the have something that they think you may like, very proactive.”

- Pierre Lessard, Local Direct Response

“It is so easy to scan the member directory and find out about businesses that you didn’t even know about. I highly recommend it! It really helps out small businesses.”

- Janet Brown, A More Beautiful You

Fast Support

One World Barter is an online trading marketplace where members can trade with each other using the Trading Floor system. We also offer deticated broker services as part of your membership to help you find and sell on the network. Fast Secure Trade. Deticated Broker Support

Barter is a business strategy that has come of age as a viable tool for successful businesses all over the world.

One World Barter will bring you new customers generating new sales for your products and services ! Create new markets and revenue streams through our vast network of like minded business owners and entrepreneurs … and watch your business grow !

Who Benefits From Barter?

Many businesses use barter to enhance their cash flow by trading for things they would ordinarily pay cash for when profits are down or sales are slow.

Why barter?

Gain advantages over competitors by extending the reach of your advertising and marketing budget Barter as a business strategy is growing in popularity.

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